So what is this escape room thingy then, eh?

An escape room is where a team of players immerse themselves into a themed environment and have to work together, solving puzzles to achieve the end goal.


Right... like Crystal Maze then?

A bit. But more contained in a single game with more puzzles. And less crystals.


Is it suitable for children?

All groups must include at least one adult aged 18 years or above. Our games are not suitable for children under the age of 10. Please see individual game information for any specific age restrictions.


So, is it scary?

There are some changes in environment and what they may describe on television as 'mild peril' (a bloody hand print, or an alien as a broad example), but there's no live actors who will jump out on you.  You'll be feeling the pressure as the clock ticks down, but we want you to have fun, rather than spend an hour anxiously worrying!


How long is a game?

Your game will last for a maximum of 60 minutes from the moment that you enter the room and your briefing ends.  If you complete it sooner than that, then you have done well and will see how you stack up against the other groups who have taken on the room.  If you get to 60 minutes without solving the room, then I'm afraid it's game over!


How will I know what to do once the game begins?

You will be briefed before you begin your game.


What if I get stuck and can't progress?

Don't worry - there is a hint screen in the room.  Just ask for a clue and we shall point you in the right direction!


Are there any health and safety risks?

There will be a presentation beforehand that will highlight anything that could be a potential health or safety risk that is outside of the ordinary.


How do we know how much time we have left?

There will be a clock in the room, counting down to zero, so you can check on your progress.


Can I get anything to eat or drink there?

We will provide a bottle of water, but we don't provide any food.  There are plenty of nearby places to get food, but we do ask that it isn't brought onto the premises.

Is alcohol available?

Alcohol isn't allowed on the premises and players under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to enter or play.


Do you have a toilet?

Yes we do.


Is there parking nearby?

There is a public car park at the rear of our building. There is also on road parking to the front of the building. After 6pm parking on the road is free of charge. See our contact page for a map showing the car park.


What do I do when I arrive? It seems like the door is locked...

Press the buzzer on arrival and someone will come to greet you.


I've already booked and an additional player wishes to join us, can they pay on arrival?

Yes that's fine provided the total number of players doesn't exceed the maximum for the game. We can take a card or cash payment on arrival.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your game start time to allow for briefing.

What happens if I don't arrive on time?

Due to the nature of the scheduling of games, it is vital that your game finishes on time to allow preparation for the next team. It is possible, if you're just a few minutes late to play but with a reduced time slot or we may be able to to offer an alternative time slot.

What is your refund policy?

You can request a cancellation and refund for any booking up to 24 hours before it is due to start. Cancellations within 24 hours of a game’s start time are non-refundable, however we may be able to offer an alternative time slot.


Am I able to leave the game at any point?

Yes you can, the door will not be locked and you may leave at any time and then return when you're ready. The clock will continue to run down regardless.


That was awesome! I'm buzzing and want to chat about it right now!

Whoa there! To avoid spoiling the experience for any players waiting to enter the room, we politely request that anyone just finishing a game doesn't discuss any part of it until they are outside.


When can I come back again? Will that room change?

We will continuously look to offer new content and new games. We can keep you updated via our mailing list or follow us on whichever social media platform you're considering cool these days.

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