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Feline Fiasco

As enthusiastic, rookie, pet detectives, you have much to prove and even more to learn. Will you and your team make a success of your first official assignment or will it descend into a Feline Fiasco?


Brought together by an unusually large number of calls from the quiet little village of Calico, locals of the village are reporting many missing cats in recent weeks. The only lead you have is that there is a strange old lady living at a cottage down in Twilight Woods.


Something needs to be done and it's up to you to investigate some strange goings on in the area.


Do you and your colleagues have what it takes to restore balance to Calico Village by finding and rescuing all of the missing cats?


Yes that's right, you're infected!! Simply grab the ingredients and the formula then make your way to the facility where you can use it without suffering catastrophic consequences. Easy, or is it?


Minimum player age 10. All groups must include an adult 18 years or above.
Real Life Games Ltd, 3a Broad Street, Ramsgate, Kent. CT11 8NQ. E-mail:
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